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Join the beginning of awesome adventures in the Clouds!
Follow Sam and Cassandra during their learning path and discover a new and innovative way to learn Cloud concepts by reading a fiction.
This is an under-construction project and I want to try to build it "in public" so we can provide the world with a solid piece of content !

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    Enjoy a nice story

    Will Cassandra succeed learning AWS concepts beside her daily job ?

    Is SAM going to be certified even without previous Cloud background ?

    In the tradition of fiction-learning books like "The Phoenix project" or "Goal", this book is a fiction you can appreciate quietly, in the confort of your sofa/bed/pool/space shuttle.

    Start your Cloud journey

    This book project is the perfect support to help you start your learning journey.

    Follow the path at your own pace and check the boxes until your first certification.

    Then, just keep sailing in the same direction...

    Connect with Cloud folks

    One of the specificities of this book is that it is inspired from Cloud communities (#100DaysOfCloud for instance). By reading it, you will retrace the footsteps of Cloud specialists and can also be part of the "Please, draw me some Clouds" community.

    Welcome here !